Meet the experts

Resco experts will be ready to discuss mobility solutions and Power Platform productivity enhancements at booth 18-CB, located next to the Expo stage. Resco Business Development Managers Gabriel Bimbo, Stanislav Beres, Jane Caputolan, and Consultant Malvina Melkovicova will come together to provide consultations on attendees' use cases from both business and technical perspectives.


Join Resco sessions

Malvina Melkovicova will also lead a session focusing on enhancing Power Platform with offline mobility and pre-built solutions. Resco's goal is to make building apps on Power Platform more efficient, and Malvina will showcase our proven development toolkit that facilitates the creation of mobile business apps with robust offline capabilities, along with solutions that enhance Power Platform with data collection, knowledge sharing, and document automation capabilities.

Resco's esteemed guest, Torsten Harden, IT manager at OmniVision GmbH, will present a case study on collecting and analyzing data from sales representatives in a pharmaceutical company. He will cover performing store checks in pharmacies, designing effective reports, using PowerBI to evaluate results with an empahasis on best practices to access data from Power Platform in PowerBI, and will include an example of PowerBI Reports. Please check the conference app for the date and time.


About Resco

Over the past 25 years, Resco has helped the world work better outside the office by making it simple to build complex mobile experiences for frontline workers.

The company’s low-code tools and solutions enable organizations to build and deploy enterprise-level business apps quickly and easily. These solutions allow mobile workers to access or capture data on the go, using any mobile device, even when offline. Field teams can tackle field service, mobile sales, data collection, or any other frontline scenario while delivering valuable data back to the office.

With full offline functionality, a no-code/low-code development platform, and native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Salesforce, Resco empowers organizations worldwide to tackle the most demanding mobile challenges faced by frontline workers.

Over 800 enterprise and corporate companies from segments like utilities, retail, energy, oil & gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation & logistics, or NGOs rely on Resco to simplify their frontline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce paperwork.

For press inquiries, please contact Resco Brand Manager Iveta Timkovicova,