MONTRÉAL — March 12, 2024 — ShareGate by Workleap, the out-of-the-box management solution for Microsoft 365, now includes tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration, to lighten the load of big migration projects with simplicity and ease. As a leader in SharePoint and Teams migration, with the addition of Exchange Online migrations, ShareGate by Workleap is now the complete package for streamlined tenant-to-tenant transitions to Microsoft 365.


The new mailbox migration feature allows IT teams to efficiently transfer mailboxes, calendars and contacts between tenants with just a few clicks. Built to tackle major pain points with Microsoft native tools and accelerate complex migration projects, ShareGate’s intuitive interface provides robust governance, planning and visibility controls throughout migrations.


“At Workleap, we understand the unique obstacles IT teams face managing Microsoft 365. With the addition of tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration, one of our users’ most requested features, we’re addressing the top migration workload beyond SharePoint and lifting a burden off our customers' shoulders,” said Benjamin Niaulin, VP of product at Workleap. “This update is just another way we’re living out our philosophy of enabling users to achieve more with less.”


ShareGate by Workleap’s new mailbox migration offering takes the complexity out of moving to Microsoft 365, so businesses can pivot faster than the speed of change. Key features include:
● An intuitive user interface.
● Messages, calendar and contact migrations.
● Maintaining of essential attributes, such as attachments, folders and categories.
● Preservation of server-side rules.
● Easy planning for a sequenced migration with customized date-frames to migrate only what you need.
● Automated or adjustable mailbox mapping.
● Pre-migration summary and post-migration reporting.
● No scripting or coding required for a fast, painless migration.


Over 75,000 IT professionals trust ShareGate by Workleap to simplify daily operations for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint environments. With an emphasis on consolidation, modernization, governance, visibility and business continuity, ShareGate’s intuitive yet powerful tools help IT administrators worldwide maximize ROI while eliminating platform complexities.


Register for ShareGate’s March 20 webinar to learn more about how the new tenant-to-tenant migration feature enables a proactive approach to Microsoft 365 management.




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