RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden

European Collaboration Summit, 14 - 16 May 2024, Wiesbaden/Germany
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The Rhine-Main region, found in the heart of Germany, is an energetic and varied place known for its significance in business and culture. Visitors to this region will encounter amazing landscapes, such as the River Rhine and the Taunus Mountains, alongside a deep-rooted history and vibrant culture. Cities like Frankfurt, Mainz, and Wiesbaden are filled with historical sites, and they provide many opportunities to explore architecture and cultural traditions.

Rhine-Main region is a key center for travel, featuring major connections like Frankfurt International Airport and the Rhine River that link it to other cities. The area is also a bustling hub for economic activities, excelling in fields such as finance, technology, and services. This combination of features makes the Rhine-Main region an attractive location for both business operations and leisurely exploration.

Wiesbaden is schön

Wiesbaden is renowned for its historic architecture. The city is home to a number of grand buildings and structures, including the Wiesbaden Kurhaus, a magnificent building that serves as a cultural and congress center, and the Wiesbaden Market Place, a charming square surrounded by beautiful half-timbered buildings. The city’s architecture is a blend of styles, with elements of Art Nouveau, Baroque, and Renaissance design all visible in different parts of the city.

Rhine-Main metropolitan region is a place for business

The Rhine-Main metropolitan region in Germany is recognized as a key business area, and Wiesbaden, the capital of the state of Hesse, lies at its core. This region is renowned for its robust economy, engaging cultural attractions, and excellent living standards. Not far away, Frankfurt Airport, one of Europe's most active airports, serves as a significant transportation center. It facilitates both local and international travel, further enhancing the region's importance and connectivity.

RMCC Wiesbaden

The RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden (RMCC) is a prominent venue for conferences and events in Wiesbaden, Germany. It provides various facilities like meeting rooms, space for exhibitions, and food services for different events. Equipped with the latest technology and modern amenities, the RMCC is perfectly suited for hosting conferences, trade shows, and other significant gatherings. Its central location and ease of access make it appealing to a wide array of events, attracting both local and international attendees.