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Why You Should Attend the European Collaboration Summit

European Collaboration Summit, 26 - 28 May 2025, Düsseldorf/Germany
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Attending the CollabSummit is not just a one-way benefit. The knowledge and insights you'll gain will equip you to contribute more effectively to your company’s goals. You'll come back with actionable ideas and strategies that can help improve your work, optimize resource use, and enhance collaboration - essentially offering a significant return on investment.

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Staying Current with Industry Trends


In the fast-evolving world of Microsoft 365, Copilot, Teams, SharePoint and Viva, staying updated is essential. By participating in CollabSummit, you will be exposed to the latest trends and technologies, and learn directly from the Microsoft engineers who developed them.

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Networking with Microsoft Executives, Industry Leaders, and MVPs


The opportunity to network with professionals and thought leaders in the industry can open doors for future collaborations or partnerships. You never know; the next great idea or solution to a pressing issue may just come from a casual conversation you have during a breakout session or on the conference floors.

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Staying ahead of competition


Understanding what other companies are planning and how they’re using current tech can 
give your organization a competitive edge. By networking with Microsoft 365, Copilot, Teams, SharePoint and Viva active community of tech professionals, attendees can discover new ideas and solutions.

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Skills Enhancement


CollabSummit offers premium learning sessions that can help sharpen your skills. Whether it's a tutorial on the intricacies of Microsoft Copilot or a breakout session about advanced features in Microsoft 365, these experiences will make you a more valuable asset to your organization.

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Build a Stronger Team


Attending the European Collaboration Summit as a team offers numerous advantages. It doesn't just multiply the educational benefits; it also promotes team unity through shared experiences. Whether it's participating in tutorials, attending panel discussions, or exploring the conference together, the team-building opportunities are many. Moreover, the shared learning can spark creative discussions, leading to innovative projects long after CollabSummit is over.